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Landmark Judgments (Covering More than 185 Leading Cases of India)

Landmark Judgments (Covering More than 185 Leading Cases of India)

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Including Prescribed Cases for Supreme Court Advocate-on-Record Examination 

    General and unilateral offer in a Contract
    Effect of minor partner in partnership firm
    Preventive Detention Act, 1950 intra vires the Constitution of India with the exception of its
      section 14 (Preventive Detention Case)
    Caste based Admissions for Professional Course
    Validity of Constitutional First Amendment in 1951 by Provisional Parliament
    Intention in the Case of Offence of Murder
    Advisory Jurisdiction of Supreme Court
    Indo-Pakistan Agreement relating to Berubari Union and Exchange of Cooch-Bihar Enclaves
      (Implementation of Indo-Pak Agreement case)
    Whether Special Power of Governor/President prevails over the General Power of
      Supreme Court
    Violation of Privacy by Police Officials during Surveillance
    Construction of a Document of title or of a document which is the foundation of lights of
      parties necessarily raises a question of law
    Vicarious Liability of the Government for Tortious Acts of its Employees
    Liability of the Government for Torts Committed by its Employees
    Basic structure of Constitution Principle
    Disregard to mandate of the Constitution by President is ultra vires
    In recognising or derecognising Ruler, the president exercises executive power and not
      political power (abolition of privy purse case)
    Police Commissioner's Authority to grant permission for holding Public Meetings is not violation
      of Citizen's right
    Parliament has no power to alter basic structure of constitution
    Election Disputes Involving prime minister and purpose of 39th amendment of constitution
    No person has any locus standi to move any writ petition when certain Fundamental Rights
       are withdrawn during emergency declared by President (Habeas corpus case)
    Every litigation has a touch of human crisis and, it is legal projection of life's vicisitudes (right
      of accused to silence case)
    Impounding of Passport by the Government
    Definition of Industry: where relevant legislation leaves so much for determination by the Court
      as to enable to court to perform a function very akin to legislation
    Solitary Confinement and putting into fetters of the Undertrial Prisoners at Tihar Jail
    President of India can refer even questions of fact and the Supreme Court can decline to
      answer such Reference
    Right to Speedy Trial is included in the Right to Life and Personal Liberty Guaranteed under
      Article 21 of the Constitution
    It is not every question of law, that is required to be referred
    Discipline of law, the Due process of law & the rule of law and the Role of Judges
    Rule of Law
    Takeover of management of a Mill by the Central Government
    Constitutional Validity of Death Sentence
    Termination of services of Temporary Government Servant
    Whether decision of Chief Justice of India holds primacy over other judges
    An Ordinance issued by the President and the Governors and the laws made by the President
      or his delegate under Article 357(i)(a) of Constitution partake fully of legislative character and
       are made in the exercise of legislative power, within the contention of the Constitution
    After Illegal Detention for 14 Years Acquittal by the Court
    Letter addressed to only chief justice not individual judge by person acting pro bano publico
      can be treated as writ petition
    Article 16(2) of the Constitution prohibits discrimination on ground of place of birth and not
      on ground of residence
    Article 226 of constitution is not meant to short-circuit or circumvent statutory procedure
    Payment of Maintenance to a Divorced Muslim Wife under section 125 of Criminal Proceedure
      Code, 1973 (Shah Bano Case)
    Freedom of Speech and Expression includes freedom of Press
    Right to Life Guaranteed under Article 21 of the Constitution includes Right to Livelihood
    Rights of the Children Living in Observation Homes
    A letter addressed to only one judge of a court can be entertained
    Whether freedom of association includes freedom not to join association
    Liability of Large Economic Enterprises Engaged in Manufacture and Sale of Hazardous Products
    Legislative action, plenary or subordinate, is not subject to rules of natural justice
    Supreme Court is not Competent to issue direction transferring the corruption case Triable by a
     special Judge to High Court judge
    Could 'Tamas' (A t.v. Serial) Create Communal riots
    Lifting of Corporate veil is Permissible
    Appeal to the President of India for grant of Pardon
    Determination of Colourable Legislation and Legislative Competency to enact law
    Bhopal Gas Leak Disaster Case
    Where an Entry in the State List in Constitution of India, is expressly made subject to
      Parliamentary Legislation, the State ceases to have both Legislative and executive power
      in respect of the matter to which the Parliamentary Law relates
    Reservation of seats for students belonging to Christian community in a minority
      educational institution
    OBCs reservation in Public Employment (Mandal Commission report case)
    Disqualification of members of parliament and legislatures of state (political defection case)
    Compensation for custodial death. Contravention of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms
      by State and its Agencies
    Primacy of Opinion of Chief Justice of India in Appointment of Judges to the Supreme
      Court and High Courts
•    Right to Education
    Validity of proclamation of emergency by president under article 356 of constitution
    Declaration by Central Government that an organisation is an unlawful Association
    Right to publish a life story/autobiography
    Whether Conversion of religion only for marrying second time is questionable or is legal]
    Telecasting events/programmes by granting licence
    Rape is a hated crime and a crime against basic human rights and violates the right to life:
      Right of rape victim to compensation
    When can a High court quash an F.I.R.
    Whether Right to Life also includes Right to Die
    A film dealing with the life of village female child transformed her to dreaded dacoit due to
     social evil and brutality which she was subjected (Phoolan Devi film "Bandit Queen Case")
    Custodial Deaths and any form of torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment fall
      within inhibition of article 21 of Constitution of India
•    Competence of Tribunals
    Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Amounts to violation of rights of gender equality
      and right to life and liberty
    Right to development of Scheduled tribes includes right to social and economic empowerment
    Challenge to certain provisions in various personal laws
    Punishment to Advocate for Contempt of Court
    Right of Women against Sexual Harassment at Work Place
    Prosecution of Hindu Converted to Islam on his contracting second wife does not violate
     freedom of Religion
    Contempt of Court by the Leader of Narmada Bachao Andolan
    Amendments to Civil Procedure Code in 1999 and 2002 do not suffer from any Constitutional
    Right of Minorities to Educational Institutions
    Voter's Right to know the Antecedents of a Candidate Contesting Election
    Religious Freedom Vis-a-vis Uniform Civil Code
    Protection of Witness who are Threatened to give false Evidence (Best Bakery Case)
    Admission to Professional education should be on merit
    Liability of Doctors for Medical Negligence
    Criminal Liability of Corporate Bodies
    Disqualification of Member of Parliament for holding an office of profit
    Federal principle is dominant in Constitution of India and it is one of its basic structure
      (Constitution of Rajya Sabha case)
    Constitutional Validity of Ninth Schedule of Constitution of India
    Reservation for OBCs in Educational Institutions
    Ratio of decision must be understood in background of facts of case and the judgment not
      to be read as Euclid's Theorem
    Polygraph Test: Medical Examination of Accused
    Tax dispute involving Vodafone Group with the Indian Tax Authorities
•    Suit for Interim Injunction is not Maintainable in India on the Basis of an International
      Commercial Arbitration with a seat Outside India
    Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace—Further Directions Issued
    Evergreening of Patents
    Constitutional Validity of Section 377 of IPC
    Right of a Muslim to Adopt Child
•    Recognition of Transgender as Third Gender
•    Direction Issued for Disposal of Cases Relating to Dishonour of Cheques
•    Gender Discrimination against Women in Giving Access to Employment
•    National Judicial Commission (NJAC) Unconstitutional as it Violates Basic Structure of
      Constitutional of India 
•    Section 66A of the Information Technology Act, 2000 relating to Restrictions on Online Speech
      Struck Down and Declared Unconstitutional on Grounds of Violating the Freedom of Speech
      Guaranteed under Article 19(1)(a) of the Constitution of India
•    Memon's Last Appeal before the Supreme Court Dismissed - President had Rejected Mercy
      Petitions after Due Consideration of All Relevant Facts
•    Persons with Disability are Equal in Dignity and Entitled to Enjoy the same Human Rights and
      Freedoms as Others
•    Criminal Defamation Provision is Constitutionally Valid
•    The State of Jammu & Kasmir has No Vestige of Sovereignty Outside the Constitution of India
      and its own Constitution, which is Subordinate to the Constitution of India
•    Parliament Competent to Enact Section 139AA of Income Tax Act to Link AADHAAR with Pan for
     Filing Income Tax Returns
•    Contempt of the Judiciary by Hon'ble Justice C.S. Karnan
•    Practice of "talaq-e-Biddar-Triple Talaq Set Aside 
•    Right of Privacy is a Fundamental Right
    Relaxation of Waiver Period for divorce on mutual consent
    Right to Privacy is a Fundamental right
    Right to Die with Dignity - fundamental rights
    Designation for senior advocate - guidelines
    Restriction of women for entering temples - directions
    Validity of Section 45(1) of Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002
    Entry of Foreign Law firms in India - Validity
    Sex with Wife is Rape
    Prevention of Honor Killing - Directions
    Computation as Regards Future Prospects for deceased in Accident Claim
    Constitutionality of Section 377 of Indian Penal Code, 1860
    Video Conferencing - An Alternative to Transfer of Case
    Disqualification of MPs and MLAs under Section 8 of Representation of People Act, 1951 will
      be Removed on Stay of Conviction
    Criminalisation of Adultery under section 497 of IPC, Unconstitutional
    Need of Ismail Faruqui's case for reference to Larger Bench
    Disqualification of Candidate for Legislation for Criminal Charges
    Accused entitled to Default Bail on expiry of 90 days, even if Charge Sheet returned due to
     Technical Reason
    Can Members of Parliament or State Assembly be Debarred from Practicing as Advocate
    Aadhaar Act violates right to privacy and is unconstitutional
    Live Streaming Room in the Apex Court.
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