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Landmark Judgments (Compendium of Leading Cases of Indian Courts, Covering about 325 Judgments)

Landmark Judgments (Compendium of Leading Cases of Indian Courts, Covering about 325 Judgments)

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  • Author(s): Anshul Jain
  • Publisher: Law and Justice Publishing Co
  • Edition: 3 Ed 2023
  • ISBN 13 9788119129003
  • Approx. Pages 308 + Contents
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 ● Consequential Damages for Breach
 ● Unilateral Offer for Sale of Goods by Advertisement
 ● Minor's Capacity to Contract 
 ● Only Parties to Contract can Sue for Breach
 ● Preventive Detention Act Intra Vires Constitution of India with Section 14 as Exception
 ● Caste Based Admissions in Professional Courses
 ● Constitutional 1st Amendment in 1951 by Provisional Parliament - Validity
 ● First Constitutional Amendment
 ● Self Service Trading System - Sale
 ●Murder Intention
 ●Supreme Court's Advisory Jurisdiction - Kerala Education Bill, 1957
 ● Power of Suspension of Sentence by Governor under Article 161 of Constitution
 ● Special Power of Governor/President vis-a-vis General Power of SC - No Conflict
 ● Adoption of Central Act does not Amount to State's Surrender of Power of Taxation
 ● Adoption of Wife's Sister's Daughter's Son - Validity
 ● Tortious Acts of Employees - Vicarious Liability of Government
 ● Substantive Question of Law - Determination
 ● Surveillance Violation of Privacy by Police
 ● Torts Liability of Government for Torts Committed by its Employees
 ● Basic Structure of Constitution
 ● Basic Structure of Constitution
 ● Doctrine of Estoppel
 ● Abolition of Privy Purse Case - President Exercises Executive and not Political
 ● Power in Recognizing or Derecognizing Ruler
 ● Constitution Mandate - Disregard by President is Ultra Vires
 ● Public Meetings - Police Commissioner's Authority to Grant Permission is not
    Violation of Citizen's Right
 ● Admissibility of Electronically Recorded Evidence
 ● Parliament not Empowered to Alter Basic Structure of Constitution
 ● Powers of Governor - Termination of Judicial Officer
 ● Election of Lok Sabha and Corrupt Practice - Legislative Power
 ● Parliament Session held in Absence of Some Members Detained whose Rights to
    Question Detention in Court was Suspended - Legality
 ● Election of PM- Validity of 39th Amendment Act, 1975
 ● Habeas Corpus Case - When certain FR's are withdrawn during Emergency
    Declared by President, No Person has any Locus Standi to Move any W.P
 ● Forfeiture and Penalty - Distinction
 ● Right to go Abroad: Article 19
 ● Right to Personal Liberty - Impounding of Passport by Government 
 ● Industry Definition
 ● Custodial Interrogation - Right to Silence of Accused 
 ● Legal Aid - Fundamental Right 
 ● Undertrial Prisoners at Tihar Jail and Solitary Confinement
 ● Social Defence - Court Interference
 ● Hypothetical/Speculative Reference
 ● Right to Speedy Trial: Article 21
 ● Reference - Every Question of Law not Required to be Referred
 ● Brutality by Police Methodology - Rule of Law - Special Strategies to Prevent
 ● Role of Judges - Discipline of Law, Due Process of Law and Rule of Law
 ● Death Sentence - Rarest of Rare Case 
 ● Validity of 42nd Constitutional Amendment Act 
 ● Management of Mill - Taking over by Central Government
 ● Grant of Pardon is not Interference with Judicial Sentence
 ● Plea of Alibi - The Burden of Proof Lies upon Accused to Prove Plea of Alibi
 ● Termination of Services of Temporary Government Servant 
 ● Ordinance Issued by President and Governor
 ● Decision of CJI - Whether holds Primacy over Other Judges 
 ● Auroville Emergency Provision Act, 1980 - Competency of Parliament
 ● Acquittal by Court after Illegal Detention for 14 Years.
 ● Pro Bona Publico can be Treated as Writ Petition
 ● Discrimination on Ground of Place of Birth and Place of Residence
 ● Article 226 of Constitution is not meant to Short-circuit or Circumvent
 ● Freedom of Press: Tax Newspaper Industry
 ● Maintenance to Divorced Muslim wife under Section 125 CrPC
 ● Right to Livelihood under Article 21
 ● Manufacture and Sale of Hazardous Products: Liability of Large Economic Enterprises
 ● Expulsion from School for not Joining in Singing of National Anthem Violation of
     Fundamental Rights
 ● Letter Addressed can be Entertained, to only one Judge of a Court
 ● Observation Homes - Employment without Remuneration
 ● Freedom to Join Association
 ● Plenary or Subordinate Legislative Action is not Subject to Rules of Natural Justice
 ● TV Serial "Tamas': Communal Riots.
 ● Corruption Case Triable by Special Judge - SC not Competent to Issue Direction
     Transferring Case to HC Judge
 ● Lifting of Corporate Veil...
 ● Grant of Pardon-Appeal to President
 ● Bhopal Gas Leak Tragedy
 ● Legislative Competency to Enact Law and Determination of Colourable Legislation
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Anshul Jain,
B.A. LL.B. Advocate Member International Council of Jurists

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