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Swamy's Compilation on Suspension and Reinstatement (C-17)

Swamy's Compilation on Suspension and Reinstatement (C-17)

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Chapter 1 - Suspension - A Digest

1.    Meaning and purpose
2.    Effect
3.    Legal position
4.    When suspension resorted to
5.    When suspension should not be resorted to
6.    Guiding principles
7.    Deemed suspension -
       (a) While in service
       (b) While not in service
8.    Continued suspension
9.    Orders of suspension
10.  Date of effect of suspension
11.  Duration / End of suspension 
12.  Follow-up action
13.  Review of suspension
14.  Revoking of suspension
15.  Competent authority
16.  Headquarters during suspension
17.  Appeal against suspension
18.  Resignation during suspension
19.  Grant of leave during suspension
20.  Retirement while under suspension
21.  Counting of periods of suspension
22.  Effect on pension
23.  Effect on leave encashment
24.  Death while under suspension
25.  Termination of services
26.  Promotion / Confirmation
27.  Permission to appear in departmental examination
28.  Reversion to lower post
29.  Forwarding of applications
30.  Payment of subsistence allowance
31.  Payment of Dearness Allowance
32.  Payment of Interim Relief
33.  Payment of Compensatory Allowances
34.  Non-employment certificate
35.  Denial of subsistence allowance
36.  Effecting of recoveries
37.  Licence fee-free concession
38.  Extension of temporary post
39.  Substitute arrangement
40.  Revision of scale of pay
41.  Grant of advance for purchase of conveyance
42.  Eligible for House Building Advance
43.  Functioning as defence assistant
44.  Travelling allowance entitlement
45.  Children's Educational Assistance
46.  Leave Travel Concession
47.  Writing of confidential reports by officers under suspension
Chapter 2 - Suspension — General Instructions
1.    Guiding principles for placing a Government servant under suspension
2.    Suspension of Government servants involved in cases of dowry deaths
3.    Limiting number of suspended officials and period of suspension to the
4.    Report of arrest to superiors by Government servants 
5.    Need for issue of suspension order in detention cases  
5A.  Deemed suspension to continue to be operative unless modified or revoked
6.    Guidelines for further action on acquittal  
7.    Whether an authority higher than the competent punishing authority can direct
       the latter to place an official under suspension
8.    Empowering all superior officers to suspend their subordinates
9.    Change of headquarters during suspension
10.  Speedy follow-up action in suspension cases and time-limits prescribed
11.  Opportunity to suspended Government servant to appeal against suspension
12.  Issue of second suspension order on a fresh charge while under suspension
13.  Need for careful ordering and wording of the orders in the cases of placing
       under suspension and revoking of suspension
14.  Acceptance of resignation while under suspension
15.  Illegal to compel an employee under suspension to attend office and
       mark attendance
16.  Admittance into office of an official under suspension
17.  Regulation of suspension during pendency of criminal proceedings,
       arrest and detention
18.  Date of effect of suspension in various types of cases
19.  Withholding of permission to retire when placed under suspension
       after receipt of notice
20.  Forwarding of applications for foreign assignments, etc., and sending on
       deputation those who are under suspension, etc.
21.  Promotion / Confirmation of officers under suspension or against whom
       disciplinary / criminal cases are pending
22.  When promotion comes up for consideration during pendency of
       confirmation proceedings
23.  Fixation of seniority in case of suspension, exoneration and promotion
       where minimum prescribed service could not be put in due to suspension
24.  Official under suspension to be allowed to appear in departmental examination
25.  Official under suspension eligible to function as defence Counsel
26.  Writing of confidential reports by officers under suspension
27.  Extension of temporary post of a Government servant under suspension
28.  Creation of temporary post and appointment of substitute in suspension vacancy
29.  Suspension of Government servants — Constitution of Review Committee
Chapters 3 - Suspension — Entitlements
1.    Grant of subsistence allowance
2.    Payment of subsistence allowance
3.    Timely payment of subsistence allowance
4.    Recoveries from subsistence allowance
5.    Travelling allowance entitlement
6.    Advance of T.A.
7.    Other entitlements
8.    Payment of provisional pension on superannuation while under suspension
9.    Cent per cent provisional pension under Rule 69 grant mandatory
Chapter 4 - Reinstatement — A Digest
1.    General
2.    Nature of orders to be passed  
3.     Reinstatement as a result of departmental appeal / revision / review—
       1. Reinstatement as a result of full exoneration
       2. Other cases
4.    Reinstatement as a result of Court order—
       1. Setting aside on merits
       2. Other cases
5.    Termination and treatment of suspension—
       1. Death while under suspension
       2. Suspension considered wholly unjustified
       3. When minor penalty is imposed
       4. Other cases
       5. Revoking of suspension during pendency of proceedings
       6. Suspension treated as dies none
       7. Exoneration on merits
       8. Applicability of Law of Limitations
       9. Deductions of earnings
       10. Appeal
       11. Regularization as leave
Chapters 5 - Reinstatement —Rules And Instructions
1.    Admissibility of pay and allowances and treatment of service on reinstatement
       after dismissal, removal or compulsory retirement as a result of appeal or review
2.    Admissibility of pay and allowances and treatment of service on reinstatement
       without holding further inquiry where dismissal, removal or compulsory
       retirement is set aside by a Court of Law
3.    Admissibility of pay and allowances and treatment of service on reinstatement
       after suspension
4.    FR 54 absolute and unconditional
5.    Clarifications regarding FR 54.
6.    When suspension regularized as leave, consequential recovery inescapable
7.    Regulation of suspension period on discharge from erroneous detention
8.    Period of suspension to be treated as duty if minor penalty only is imposed
9.    Period of deemed suspension due to detention by Police to be treated as
       duty, if not followed by conviction
10.  Emoluments when suspension treated as qualifying service
Chapter 6 - Extracts From Rules
1.    CCS (CCA) Rules
2.    CCS (Pension) Rules
3.    Fundamental Rules
1.    Standard form of order of suspension
2.    Standard form of certificate to be furnished by the suspended official under
       FR 53 (2)
3.    Order placing an officer under suspension when he is detained in custody
4.    Standard form of order for holding departmental enquiry on appeal being
       decided in favour of the Government servant
5.    Standard form of order for revocation of suspension order

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