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R.P. Kathuria Supreme Court on Criminal Law (1950 - 2016) (7 Volume Set)

R.P. Kathuria Supreme Court on Criminal Law (1950 - 2016) (7 Volume Set)

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  • Author(s): Justice M.L. Singhal
  • Publisher: LexisNexis
  • Edition: 9 Ed 2017
  • ISBN 13 9789350359754
  • Approx. Pages 8047 + contents
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Volume - 1

A - Abandon, Abate, Abdomen, Abducted, Persons, Abduction, Abet, Abetment, Abortion, Abrasion, Abscond, Absence, Absence of Complainant, Absence of Counsel, Absence of Injury, Absence of Sanction, Abstraction, Abstraction - Electricity, Abuse/Abuse of Process of Court, Academy, Access, Accessible-Place, Accident, Accidental Fire, Accidental Firing, Accident Register, Accomplice, Account Closed, Accounts, Accused, Accused's Custody, Accused's Injuries, Accused's Name, Accused's Privilege, Accused's Statement, Accused Witness, Acid, Acknowledgement, Acquaintance, Acquired Possession, Acquittal, Acquittal of Co-Accused, Acquittal on Groud of Parity, Act, Actual Words, Actus Reus, Adaption of Laws Order (1950), Adatia (Arthia), Additional Accused, Additional District Magistrate, Additional Document, Additional Evidence, Additional Link, Additional Public Prosecutor, Additional Sessions Judge, Additional Witnesses, Address, Adivasi Tribe, Adjourn, Administration of Justice, Administrative Action - Judicial Administrative Power, Administrator, Admissibility of Incomplete Dying Di Admissible, Admission, Admission Card, Admit, Admonition, Adulteration, Adultery, Adverse Comments, Adverse Inference, Adverse Publicity, Amendment, American Decision, Amicus Curiae, Ammunition, Amnesty, Analogy, Analyst And Animosity, Annexation, Annexures, Annoy, Anonymous Witness, Antecedents , Ante-Date, Anticipatory Bail, Any, Any  Person,Any Purpose, AP Borstal School Act, AP Excise Act, 1968AP Forest Act, AP Prevention of Dangerous Activities of Bootleggers, Dacoits, Drug Offenders, Goondas, Immoral Traffic Offenders And Land Grabbers Act (1 of 1986), S3 AP Prevention of Dangerous Activities of Bootleggers, Dacoits, Drug-Offenders, Goondas, Immoral Traffic Offenders And Land-Grabbers Act (1 of 1986), S 3(2)  - Prevention Detention Apology Appeal,  Absence of Appeal By State, Appeal Against Acquittal JL, Appeal Against Conviction, Appeal Against Death Sentence , Appeal By Special Leave , Appear, Appearance, Appellate Court, Application, Application after Application, Application for Leave, Application of Mind, Appointing Authority, Appointment,
Appreciation, Appreciation of Evidence, Apprehend, Apprehension, Appropriate Government, Approver, Arbitration, "Ardas", Area, Arguable, Argument, Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act Arms, Arms Act, Army Act, Army Rules, Arrest, Arsons, Art, Article, Aruval, As Hithertofore, Asleep, As Maybe Prescribed, Asphyxia, Assailants, Assam Frontier (Administration op Justice) Regulation, Assault, Assembly, Assistant Commissioner, Assistant Public Prosecutor, Assignment, Association, As Soon As It May Be, Assume, Asylum ,  Atmosphere, Attachment, Attempt/Attempt to Commit Murder, Attendance of Accused Attendance of Witness, Attitude, Attorney, Auction, Author, Authority, Autobiography, Autopsy, Autrefois, Autrefois Acquit, Autrefois Convict, Auxiliary Force, Averment of Complaint Axe, Ayurvedic.
B – Background, Bad Character, Bail, Bail During Pendency of Appeal, Bailable Offences, Balance Sheet, Bald Assertion, Ballistic Expert, Ballistics, Bandh, Bandit Queen, Bank,Bar, Bargaining, Baseless, 'B'class, Begging, Behaviour, Belief, Believe, Benami , Bench, Bench-Bar, Benefit of Doubt, Benefit of Subsequent Legislation, Bengal Excise Act, Best Evidence, Bengal Ferries Act, Betting, Bias, Bigamy, Bill, Bill of Exchange, Birth, Birth Certificate, Blackening, Blackmail, Black Marketing, Blank Cheque, Blanket Protection Order,Blinding, Blood, Bedhead Ticket, Blood Group, Blood-Sample, Blood-Stained Clothes ,Blood-Stained Earth, Blood-Stains, Blood Test, Blows ,Blunt, Blunt Injury, Bofors Case, Bombay Police Act, Bombay Prevention of Gambli Bombay Prohibition Act, Bombs, Bona Fide,  Bond, Bone, Books, Bootlegging, Border Security Force Act, Borstal Jail, Borstal School, Brain Injury, Brake, Breach of Contract, Breach of Peace, Breach of Trust, Bribe, Brick-Bats, Bride, Bride Burning, British System, Bronchus, Brothel, Brother, Bruises, Bullet, Bungling, Buoyancy of Human Body, Buprenorphine, Burden of Proof, Burden to Prove, Burning, Burnt Edges, Business, Bye-Law, Bystanders.

Volume - 2
C - Call of Nature, Camera Statement, Camera-Trial, Cancellation of Bail, Cantonments Act, Cardiac Arrest, Capital Punishment, Carbon Copy, Carbon Particles, Care Home, Cargo, Carotid Artery, Carrier, Cartridges, Case, Case Diary, Case File, Case Law, Cash Bail, Cassette, Caste, Cataract, Catching, Cattle Trespass Act , Cause List, Cause of Action, Cause of Death, Censor, Censor Board , CBI, Central Act, Central Excise, Central Excises and Salt Act, Central Government, Central Law, Central Reserve Police Force Act, Certain, Certainty, Certificate, Certified Copy, Certificate of Posting, Certify, Cessation of Conspiracy, Cessation of Designated, Court, CFSL Report, Chairman, Challan, Challenge, Chance Witness, Change, Character, Charge, Charge-Sheet, Charring, Chase, Cheating, Chemical Analysis, Chemical Examiner, Cheque, Chief Justice, Chief Minister, Chief Secretary, Child Marriage Restraint Act, Children Act, Child Witness, Chit, Chloral Hydrate, Chowkidar, Chowkidar's Record, Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products (Prohibition of Advertisement and Regulation of Trade and Commerce, Production, Supply and Distribution) Act, 2003, Cinematograph Act, Circumstances, Circumstantial Evidence, Citizenship, City Magistrate, Civil Action, Civil Case, Civil Court, Civil Dispute, Civil Judgments, Civil Liability, Civil Liberty, Civil Matter, Civil Nature, Civil Obligation, Civil Proceedings, Civil Remedy, Civil Right, Civil Suit, Classification, Clerical Error, Close Range, Closing of Case, Clubbing of Cases, Co-Accused, Co-Accussed - Acquittal of, Coal-Tar Dye, Cockpit Voice Record (CVR), Co-Conspirator, Cofeposa, Cocaine, Cognizable, Cognizance, Co-Habitation, Collateral Proceedings, Collective Action, Column No. 2, Commission, Commission of Inquiry, Commission Report, Committal Proceedings, Committing Court, Common Intention, Common Object, Common Prostitute, Common Sense, Common Use, Commotion, Communal Riot, Communal Tension, Communalism, Communicate, Communication, Commutation, Company, Comparison, Compassionate Ground, Compelled Testimony, Compelling, Compensation, Complainant, Complainant's Choice, Complaint, Composition-Compound-Compromise, Compound, Compoundable, Computer, Concealment, Concealment of Pacts, Concession, Conclusive Proof, Concurrent, Concurrent Finding, Condition, Conduct, Confession, Confession of Co-Accused, Confession Extra-Judicial, Confession - Exact Words, Confession - Murmuring, Confession - Retracted, Confessional Statement, Confinement, Confirmation, Confiscation, Conflict, Confrontation, Conjectures, Consciousness, Consecutive Sentence, Consent, Consequence, Consignor, Consistent Judgment, Consolidate, Conspiracy, Constitution, Construction, Constructive Liability, Construe, Consultation, Consumption, Contempt of Court, Contempt of Courts Act, Continuing Offence, Contraband Article, Contraceptives, Contract, Contradiction, Contributory Negligence, Control, Control Order, Control Price, Control Room, Information, Conversation, Convict, Conviction, Cooling Time, Copies, Corporation, Corps, Corpus Delicti, Correction, Correspondence, Corroboration, Corrupt, Co-Sharer, Cost, Counsel, Counter-Affidavit, Counterfeit, Counter Version, Court, Court Duty, Court-Fee, Court's Function, Court Identification, Court Of Inquiry, Court's Jurisdiction, Court-Martial, Cousin, Crammers, Credibility, Cremated, Cries, Crime , Criminal Act, Criminal Antecedent, Criminal Breach of Trust, Criminal Bureau of Investigation (CBI) Criminal Case, Criminal Charge, Criminal Conspiracy, Criminal Court , Criminal Jurisprudence, Criminal Justice, Criminal Justice System, Criminal Law, Criminal Law Amendment Act, 1952, Criminal Liability, Criminal Liability of Company, Criminal Matter, Criminal Liability of Doctor, Criminal Misappropriation, Criminal Misconduct, Criminal Procedure Code, Criminal Proceedings, Criminal Prosecution, Criminal Remedy, Criminal Statute, Criminal Trespass, Criminal Trial, Criminology, Cross-Appeals, Cross-Case, Cross-Complaint, Cross-Examination, CRPF, Cruelty, Cruel Manner, Culpable Homicide, Curable, Curativ Petition, Currency Notes, Custodia Legis, Custodial Death /Violence. Custodial Rape, Custody, Custom, Customs Act, Customs Officer, Cyanide, Cyclostyled, Cyncope.

Volume - 3
D - Dacoity, Dagger, Daily Diary, Damages , Dangerous Person, Dark Night, Dart, Date of Birth, Dead Body, Dangerous/Deadly Weapon, Dead Witness, Deaf Witness, Dealer, Dealing, Death, Death Caused by Negligence, Death by Police Beating, Death Certificate, Death in Police Custody, Death Sentence, Death of Complainant, Decency, Deception, Decide, Decision, Decision of Civil Court, Decision of Supreme Court, Declaration, Decompose, Decree of Foreign Court, Deem, Deeming Provision, Deemed Sence of Notice, Defamation, Default Defect, Defence, Defence Counsel, Defence Evidence, Defence of India Act, Defence of India Rules, Defence Version, Defence Witness, Defence Wound, Deficiency, Definition, Defraud, Delay, Delegate, Delegation, Delhi Police Act, Delhi Special Police Establishment, Demand, Demanding, Report in Support of Judicial C Demeanour of Witness, Demonstration, Denial, De Novo Trial, Departmental Action, Departmental Enquiry, Departmental, Proceedings, Dependent, Deposition, Deposits, Deputations, Description, Dereliction of Duty, Desertion, Designated Court, Desire, Desperate, Destroying Evidence, Desuetude, Details, Detain, Detaining Authority, Detaining of Motor Vehicle, Detective, Domistic Volence, Detenu, Deterrent Punishment, Developments, Dhangu, Dhatura, Diary, Dicta Phone, Die, Diet, Diet Money, Difference of Opinion, Different View, Digestion, Digestive System, Direct Evidence, Direction, Director, Director's Liability, Director's Report, Directory Nature of Provision, Disability, Disabled, Disappearance, Disappearing of Evidence, Discharge, Discharge of Duty, Discipline,
Disclosure Statement, Discovery, Discrepancies, Discretion, Disease,Discrimination, Dishonest, Dishonest Intention, Dishonour of Cheque, Dismissal, Dismissal-Appeal, Dismissal of Slp, Disobedience, Dispensary, Display, Disposal of Property, Disposition, Dispossession, Dispute, Disruptive Activity, Distance, Distinct, Distinct Offence, Distinction, Distribution, Distributors, District Magistrate, Disturb, Disturbed Area, Dividend, Division Bench, Divorce, Diwali, DNA Tests, Doctor, Doctrine, Document, Dog's Tracking, Domestic Violence Act, Domicile, Dominion, Donation, Double Barrel Gun, Double Jeopardy, Doubt, Dowry Death, Dragging, Dress, Driver, Drowing , Drug, Drug-Offenders, Drugs and Cosmetics Act, Drunkenness, Due Process of Law, Duration, Duress, Duty, Duty of Advocate, Duty of Court, Duty of Driver, Duty of High Court, Duty of Judge, Duty of Magistrate, Duty of Police, Duty of Prosecution Dying Declaration.
E - Earlier Decision, Earlier Finding, Earliest Report, Earlier Statement of Witness, Eclipse, Economic Offences, Economic Zone, Editor, Educated Girl, Effect, Effect of Composition, Electricity, Electronic Media, Embellishment, Embezzlement, Emergency, Emotion, Employed, Employee, Employees' Provident Funds Act. Empty, Encounter, Endorsement, Ends of Justice, English Cases, English Practice, Enhancement of Sentence, Enmity, Enquiry, Enquiry Commission, Enticing, Entries, Entrustment, Eunuch, Environment, Epistolary Jurisdiction, Error, Escape, Essential Commodities Act, Estoppel, Etiquette Judicial, Euthanasia, Evidence, Evidence of Handwriting Expert, Exaggerations, Examination of Accused, Examination of Magistrate, Examination of Witness, Examination on Affidavit, Examination on Commission, Examiner's Report, Exceeding Right of Private Defence. Exception, Exculpatory Statement, Executability, Execution, Executive, Exemption, Exemption from Appearance, Exhibit, Exhortation (Lalkara), Existing Law, Ex Parte, Ex Parte Dismissal, Expenses, Expenses of Investigation, Experiment, Expert Evidence, Expiry, Explanation, Explosion, Explosives/Explosives Act (4 of 1884), Explosive Substance/Explosive Substance Act, 1908 Export, Express, Expunge, Extempore Speech, Extension, External Injury, External Use, Extortion, Extradition, Extra- Judicial Confession, Extraneous Matter, Eye Sight, Eye-Witness, Evidence Act.

Volume - 4

F - Fabricating False Evidence, Fabrication, Facilitate, Factories Act , Facts, Facts Deposed and Discovered, Faecal Matter, Failure of Justice, Fair Criticism, Fair Procedure , Fair Trial, Falcon, Fall, False, False Affidavit, False Answer, False Case, False Charge, False Denial, False Entry, False Evidence, False Explanation, False Implication, False Information, False Name, False Plea, False Report, False Representation, False Statement, False Witness, Falsus in UNO, Falsus in Omnibus, Family, Family Doctor, Fanning, "Fard", Fatal Blow, Father, Father-in-Law, Faulty Investigation, Fax, Fear, Fee, Feeling, Fertiliser, Fetters, Fiction, Field, Fight, Filicide (Act of Killing One's Own Child) Film, Final Order, Final Report, Finding, Finding of Facts, Finding or Sentence when Revef Fine, Finger-Prints, Fir Delay, Fire, Fire-Arms, Firewood Log, Fire-Arm Injuries, Firing from Close Range, Firm, First Information Report, First Statement, Fish, Fist, Flavouring Agent, Fleeing, Foetus, Food, Foodgrain, Food Inspection Department, Food Inspector, Food Poison, Foot-Prints, Fora, Force, Forcible Entry, Foreign Exchange Management Act (42 of 1999) S. 49(3), Foreign Exchange Regulation Act, Foreign Material, Foreign National, Foreign Power, Foreign Territory, Foreign Trade (Development and Regulation) Act, 1992, Foreign Witness, Foreigner, Foreigners Act, Foreigner's Right, Forensic, Forensic Expert, Foresight, Forest Act, Forfeiture, Forged Document, Forged Mark Sheet, Forgery, Form, Formal Evidence, Former Part, Former Statement, Forthwith, Forum, Forward Contracts (Regulation) Act, Fracture, Fraud, Fraudulently, Freedom, Freedom of Press, Freedom of Speech, Free Fight, Fresh Bail Application, Fresh Evidence, Friends, Frisk, Fruit Product, Frustrated Litigant, Fugitive, Furlough, Fumes, Fundamental Right, Funds, Funeral, Further Investigation, Further Opportunity.
G - Gain or Loss, Gait, Gambling, Game, Gandasa/Gandasi, Gandhala, Gang Rape (See Rape), Gang War, Gazette, Gazetted Officer, General Clauses Act, General Diary, General Law, General Manager, General Provision, Geneva Convention, Gesture, Gift, Gingelly Oil, Girl, Given Up, Giving of Notice, Glass, Gold, Gold Control, Goldsmith, Good Character, Good Faith, Government, Government Advocate, Government Company, Governor, Graduate, Gramophone Needle, Grandmother, Graphic Description, Grappling, Gratification, Grave and Sudden Provocation Greed, Grief, Grievous Hurt, Grievous Injury, Ground, Groundless, Grounds of Appeal, Grouping, Group Assault, Guarantee, Guardians and Wards Act, Guilty, Gujarat Agricultural Produce Markets Act, Gujarat Co-Operative Society Act, Gun, Gun-Shot, Gun-Shot Injury, Gutka.
H - Habeas Corpus, Habit/Habitual, Haematoma, Haemorrhage, Hair, Hajat, Hallucination, Handcuff, Handwriting, Handwriting Expert, Hanging, Happenning in Court, Harbouring, Hard Surface, Harm, Harrasment, Haryana Children Act, Hashish, Hath Chitha, Hatred, Hawala Case, Hawker, Head Constable, Head Injury, Head of the Department, Health, Hearing, Hearing of Appeal, Hearing on Sentence, Hearsay, Heart Patient, Heat of Passion, Height, Heir, Here-in-After, Heroin, Hiding Terrorist, High Court, Hindu, Hindu Family,  Hindu Law, Hindutva, Hire, His, History, History Sheet, Hoard, Holiday, Homogenous and Representative, Homosexuality, Honesty, Honorary Magistrate, Hope, Horoscope, Horse Racing, Hospital, Hostile Witness, Hostility, Hotel, House Breaking, House-Trespass, House-Wife, Hue and Cry, Human Behaviour, Human Blood, Human Dignity, Human Mind, Human Rights, Human Teeth, Human Tendency, Hunger Strike, Hurt, Husband, Hyoid, Hypothecation, Hypothetical Questions/ Answers.
I - Identical, Identification, Identification in Voice, Identification in Court, Identification Parade, Identification of Prisoners' Act., (33 of 1920), Identity, Identity of Victim, Identity Mark, Ignorance, I.G. of Police, Illegal Arrest, Illegal Detention, Illegal Possession of Arms , Illegal Search, Illegally Procured Evidence, Illegality, Illegitimate, Illegitimate Child, Illicit Affairs, Illicit Relations, Illiterate, Illiterate Lady, Illiterate Witness, Ill-Treatment, Illustration, Imaginary, Immunity, Impeaching Credit of Witness, Implicate, Implied, Impotent, Imprisonment, Imprisonment in Default of Payment of Fine, Imprisonment for Life, Improbable, Improvement, Imputation, Inaction, Inadmissible, In any Case, Incident, Incidental or Consequential Ordei Incised Wound, Income, Income-Tax
Inconsistency, Incredible Prosecution Version, Incriminating Articles, Incriminating Circumstance, Inculpatory Statement, Incuria, Independent Witness, Indian Penal Code, Indian Women, Individual Act, Individual Case, Individual Liability, Induce,
Industrial Dispute Act, Industry, Infancy, Infanticide, Infants, Inference,
Inferior Court, Infirmity, Influx from Pakistan, Inform, Informant, Information,
Infringement, Infructuous, Inherent Incredibilty, Inherent Jurisdiction, Inherent Power, Inimical Witness, Injunction, Injured Witness, Injuries and Doctor, Injuries Cumulatively, Injuries—Mark, Injuries on Accused, Injuries—Similar, Injury, Injury on Head, Injury on Vital Part, Injury—Shock, Inland Steam Vessels Act, Innocence, Innocent, Inquest Report, Inquiry, Inquiry Commission, In Relation to
Insane, Insect, Insecticide, Insecticide Analyst, Insecticides Act, Inspector-General of Vigilance Instance, Instigation, Instruction, Instrument, Instrumentality, Insurance,
Intelligence Report, Intent, Intention, Intercourse, Intermediate Order, Interested Parties, Interested Witnesses, Interest of Justice, Interfere, Interim Compensation, Interim Maintenance, Interim Order, Interim Relief, Interlocutory Order, International Covenants, International Law, International Treaties, Interpretation, Interpretation of Statute, International Conventions, Interrogation, Intervene, Intervenor, Intervention, Interview, Intoxication, Intruder, Investigating Agency, Investigating Officer, Investigation, Iron Rod, Investigation on Request of Foreign Aut Irregularity, Islam, Issue of Process, Issue of Warrant.

Volume - 5

J - JWL, Jail Manual, Jail (Prisoners), Jammu And Kashmir Armed Forces Special Powers Act, Jewels, Joinder of Charges, Joint Account, Joint Possession, Joint Post-Mortem Examination, Joint Trial, Journalists, Judge, Judge-Advocate, Judgment, Judgment Delay In Delivery of, Judicial Activism, Judicial Capacity, Judicial Confession, Judicial Decorum, Judicial Discipline, Judicial Function, Judicial Etiquette, Judicial Notice, Judicial Officer, Judicial Order, Judicial Proceedings, Judicial Process, Judicial Record, Judicial Remand, Judicial Review, Judical - Review of Administrative Action - See Under, Administrative Action - Judical Review, Judicial Tribunal, Judiciary, Jurisdiction, Jurisprudence, Juristic Person, Juror Not Acquainted with English, Jury, Jury Trial, Jury Verdict, Justice, Justification, Juvenile, Juvenile Delinquency, Juvenile, Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act 2000.
K - Karnataka Shops and Commercial Establishments Act, (8 of 1962) Ss 3(1)(H) and 30, Kerala Abkari Act, Kerosene, Key, Khalistan, Kickback, Kidnapping, Kidney, Kirpan, Knife, Knowingly, Knowledge, Kandali.
L - Lacerated Wounds, Lacuna Lady, Lalkara, Lambardar, Language, Last Opportunity, Last Resided, Last Seen, Lathi, Lathi Blow, Law, Law and Order, Law Commissioners, Lawful Guardianship, Law Officer, Law Points, Lawyer, Leading Question, Leave to Appeal, Legal Aid, Legal Fiction, Legal Insanity, Legal Principles, Legal Remembrancer (Lr), Legal Representative, Legislation, Legislative Policy, Legislative Power, Legitimacy, Leniency, Lethal Weapon, Letter, Letters Patent Appeal, Letter Rogatory, Liability, Liability of Company, Liability of Director, Liability of Firm, Liability of Surety, Libel, Liberty, Licence, Licencee , Licensed Weapon, Lie Detection, Life, Life Convict, Life Imprisonment, Ligature Marks, Light, Limine, Limitation, Link Evidence, Liquor, List of Articles, List of Witnesses, Litigant, Litigation, Loan, Local Authority, Local Inspection, Locality, Local Law, Local Jurisdiction, Locker, Locus Standi, Log (Wooden), Log Book, Long Detention as Under-Trial, Loss, Lottery, Lunatics, Lurking House-Trespass.
M - Machine, Magistrate, Mahapalika, Maharashtra Control of Organised Crimes Act, Maharashtra Co-Operative Societies Act, Maharashtra Prevention of Dangerous Activities (Bootleggers, Slumlords and Drug Offenders) Act, Mahr, Maintenance, Maintenance - Muslim, Maintenance of Internal Security Act, Maintenance of Supplies, Major Offence, Mala Fides, Male Organ, Malice, Mal-Practice, Malkhana, Manager, Managing Director, Mandatory, Mandrax, Manslaughter, Manufacture, Map, Maritime Zone, Marks, Marriage, Massage - Masturbation, Master and Servant, Material, Material Change, Material Evidence , Material Witness, Matrimonial, May, Means, Medical Books, Medical Certificate, Medical Endorsement, Medical Evidence, Medical Examination, Medical Expert, Medical Issue, Medical Jurisprudence, Medical Officer, Medical Opinion, Medical Practitioner, Medical Store, Medical Termination of Pregnancy, Medical Treatment, Medical Use, Medical Witness, Medicine, Medico-Legal Register, Medico-Legal Report, Member of Legislative Assembly, Meeting Jail Inmates, MLC, Member of Parliament, Memorandum of Appeal, Memory, Memos, Mens Rea, Mental Aberration, Mental Agony, Mental Condition, Mental Trouble, Mental Worry, Merchant Shipping Act, Mentally Challenged Girl, Mercy Petition, Methyl Alcohol, Midnight, Midnight Occurrence, Military Affairs, Military Court, Mind, Mines Act, Minimum Sentence, Minister, Minor, Minor Discrepancy, Minor Injuries, Minor Offence, Minor Injuries, Minor and Superficial Injuries, Misappropriation, Flsbranding, Miscarriage / Miscarriage of Justice, Miscellaneous Petition, Mischief, Misconduct, Misdirection, Misjoinder, Misjudgment, Mislead, Misrepresentation, Mistake, Mistress, Misunderstanding, Mitigating Circumstances, Mob, Mode of Proof, Modesty, Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Act, 1969, Ss 13b and 18, Moonlight, Moral Conviction, Morality, Moral Ground, Moral Turpitude, Mother, Mother-In-Law, Motive, Motor Vehicles Act, Movement, Movie, M.P. Prisoners Release on Probation Act, 1954, Muffled Face, Multiple Dying Declarations, Municipal Committee, Municipal Corporation, Municipal Councillor, Municipal Magistrate, Murder, Must, Mutation, Muttering, Mutual Fight.
N - Nalish, Nail Clippings, Name, Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (Ndps) Act, NDPS Act, Rules 2(C), 17, 22, National Anthem, National Integration, National Security Act, Natural Justice, Natural Witness, Nature of Offence, Nature of Proceedings, Navy Act, Neck, Negative, Negative Evidence, Negligence, Negotiable Instruments Act, Neighbour, New Accused, New Case, New Law, New Offence, New Plea, Newspaper, New Story, Night, Noise, Nomination, Non-Appearance of Counsel, Non-Appealing Accused, Non-Appellant, Non-Cognizable, Non-Non-Examination of Investigating Officer,  Non-Mention, Non-Obstante Clause, Non-Production, Non-Recovery of Weapon of Offence, Non-Speaking Order, Non-Supply of Documents, Normal Circumstance, Notary, Notes, Notice, Notification, Noting, Notions, Notwithstanding, Nudity, Nuisance, Nullity, Number, Number of Witnesses.
O - Oath, Obedience, Obiter Dicta, Object of Provision, Objection, Obscene, Observation, Obstruction, Obtain, Occupation, Occurrence, Octroi, Ocular Evidence, Offence, Offence Affecting Administration of Justice, Offender, Offer, Office, Office of Profit, Officers, Official, Official Act, Official Duty, Official Liquidator, Official Secrets Act, Official Witnesses, Off-Shoot, Old Act, Old Age, Omission, Omnibus Manner, Onus, Open Court, Open Place, Open Trial, Opinion, Opium, Opportunity of Heavy, Or, Oral, Oral Dying Declaration, Oral Evidence, Orders, Order Sheet, Ordinance, Ordinarily, Origin of Blood, Original , Orissa Hindu Religious Endowments Act Ornaments, Ossification Test, Otherwise, Outraging Modesty of Woman, Ouinider, Overhearing, Over Implication, Overriding Effect, Overruled, Overt Act, Owner.

Volume - 6
P - Paedophilia, Panchayat, Panchnama, Panmasala, Panchas, Panch Witnesses, Paper, Parcel, Pardon, Parent, Parents Claim for Maintenance, Parentage, Parental Love, Parent, Parity, Parole, Participation, Partisan Witnesses, Partnership, Part Played, Party, Party Faction, Passive Partner, Passport, Passports Act, Past Activities, Past Conduct, Paternity, Pathologist, Patricide, Pawn-Brokers, Payment, Peace, Peace-Maker, Pecuniary Advantage, Pellet Mark, Pellets, Pelting Stones, Penal Code (Indian), Penal Provision, Pendency, Pending, Penetration, Penology, Pension Benefit, Peritonitis, Perjury, Permission, Perokar, People's Council, Person, Personal, Consumption, Personal Law, Personal Liberty, Personal Safety, Pethidine, Petition, Pharsa, Phenolphthalein Powder Test, Phosphorous, Photographs, Photostat Copy, Physical Features, Physically Handicapped Accused Pick Pocket, Piracy, Pistol, Place, Place of Incident, Place of Occurrence, Place of Inquiry/Trial, Plan, Plant, Plea, Bargain, Pleader, Pleading, Pledge, Poisoning, Police, Police and Criminal Evidence Act, 1984 (Of England), Police Atrocities, Police Case, Police Challan, Police Custody, Police Diary, Police Excesses, Police Firing, Police Force, Police Function, Police Help, Police Lock-Up Deaths, Police Officer, Police Protection, Police Record, Police Regulation, Police Remand, Police Report, Police Rule, Police Station, Police Torture, Police Trap, Police Uniform, Police Witness, Politics, Pollution, Polygraph, Poor, Poliographic Acts, Possession, Possibilities, Post-Dated Cheque, Post-Mortem Report, Post-Occurrence Developments, Post Office Act, Postponement, Potassium Cyanide, Power, Power of Appellate Court, Power of Attorney Holder, Power of Court, Power of High Court, Power of Magistrate - Investigation Power Of Police, Power of Sessions Court, Power of Special Court, Power of Supreme Court, Power of Third Judge, Power to Summon Material Witness, Power Under S. 319,Cr.P.Code, Practice andProcedure, Practice - Supreme Court, Preamble, Precedent, Pregnancy, Prejudice, Preliminary Enquiry, Preliminary Hearing, Preliminary Investigation, Preliminary Order, Premature Release, Pre-Meditation, Preparation, Presence, Presentation, President, Presidency Judge/Office, Presiding, Judge and Officer, Press, Freedom of Press, Press Note, Presume, Presumption, Prevention of Anti-Social Activities Act, Prevention of Corruption Act, Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, Prevention of Food Adulteration Act, Prevention of Terrorism Act (15 of 2002), Prevention of Violent Activities, Preventive Detention, Previous Conviction, Previous Decision, Previous History, Previous Statement, Prison, Prisoner, Prisons Act, Privacy, Private Complainant, Private Defence, Private Interest, Private, Parts, Private Party, Private Property, Privilege, Privileged Document, Privilege to Engage Counsel, Probable Consequence, Probable Version, Probation, Probation of Offenders Act, Procedure, Procedural Law, Proceedings, Proceedings Under S. 107, Cr.P.Code, 1973, Proceedings Under S. 125, Cr.P.Code, 1973, Proceedings Under S. 133, Cr.P.Code, 1973, Proceedings Under S. 144, Cr.P.Code, 1973, Proceedings Under Ss. 145 and 146, Cr.P.Code, 1973, Process, Process-Fee, Proclamation Under S. 82, Cr.P.Code, Procuration of Minor Girl, Produced, Production, Production of Persons, Professional Activity, Professional Criminals, Professional Misconduct, Profit, Prohibit, Prohibition, Prohibitory Order, Prolonged Trial, Promoting Enmity, Promptness, Proof, Propaganda, Property, Property Grabber, Property Mark, Prosecution, Prosecution Evidence, Prosecution of Retired Public Servant, Prosecution Story, Prosecution Witness, Prosecutor, Prospective, Prostitute, Protected Person, Protection, Protection to Witness in Trial, Protection Order, Protection of Civil Rights Act Protection of Human Rights Act, Protest Petition, Proved, Provident Fund, Proviso, Provocation, Psychotherapic, Psychotropic Substance, Public Analyst, Public Analyst's Report, Publication, Public Duty, Public Good, Public Hanging, Public HealthPublic Interest, Public Interest Litigation (PIL), Public Nuisance, Public Order, Public Place, Public Prosecutor, Public Right, Public Safety, Public Servant, Public Trial, Public Witness, Public Worker, Punishment, Punjab, Punjab Excise Act, Punjab Police Manual, Punjab Police Rules.
Q - Quantity, Quarrel, Quash, Question of Fact, Question of Law, Quran.
R - Radar, Radiogram of Incident to Higher, Radio Set, Raiding Party, Railways Act, Railway Message, Railway Property (Unlawful Possession) Act, Railway Protection Force (RPF), Rajasthan Preservation of Certain Animals Act, Range, Rank, Ransacked, Ransom, Rape, Rape Scene, Rarest of Rare, Rash and Negligent Act, Raw Material, RDX, Reaction, Re-Appraisal of Evidence, Re-Arrest, Reasonable Belief, Reasonable Doubt, Reasonable Grounds, Reasons Reason to Believe, Rebuttal, Recall of Order, Recall of Witness, Receiver, Receiving of the Notice, Recent Injuries, Recital, Reckless, Recommendation, Record/Recording, Records-Destruction, Recovery, Recovery of Fine, Reduction of Sentence, Re-Examination, Reference, Reflection, Refresh, Refund, Refusal, Register of School, Registered, Registrar, Registration of Case, Regularly Kept, Regulate, Re-Investigation, Reject, Rejected Evidence, Relation/Relationship, Relation Witness, Release, Release of Vehicle, Religion, Religious Belief, Religious Feelings, Religious Place, Religious Symbol, Remand, Remarks, Remission, Remorse, Repeal, Repentance, Reply, Report, Repraisal of Evidence, Representation, Representations of the People Act, 1951, Representative and Homogeneous, Reprobate, Repugnancy, Reputation, Requisition Doctor for Conducting Post Mortem Examination Rescue, Reserve Bank of India Act, Res Gestae, Resile, Res Ipsaloquitor, Resistance, Res Judicata, Resorting, Respectable, Restore/Restoration, Restraint, Restraint Order, Retain, Reticence, Retracted Confession, Re-Trial, Retrospective, Revenge, Revenue, Revenue Officer, Revenue Record, Review, Revision, Revisional Court-Power of, Revision By Private,  Party, Revocation, Revolver, Reward, Rice, Rickshaw-Puller, Right, Right of Appeal, Right of Appeal to Supreme Court Right of Private Defence, Right of Property, Right of Self-Defence, Right to be Heard, Right to Die, Right to Life, Right to Livelihood, Rigor Mortis, Rigorous Imprisonment, Rioting, Robbery, Role, Rop, Rough Notes, Rukka, Rule of Law, Rules, Rummy, Running, Running Witness, Rural Area, Rustic/Villager's Witness.

Volume - 7
S - Sacred, Sale, Sales Manager, Same Evidence, Same Offence, Same Transaction, Sample Writing, Sanction, Sarpanch, Satisfaction, Sbml (Single Barrel Muzzle Loaded) Gun, Scandalous Matter, Scene of Occurrence, Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, Schizophrenia, School, School Certificate, School Register, Science, Scope, Screening, Screening Committee, Scribe, Scuffle, Sea Customs Act, Seal, Search, Search and Seizure, Search Warrant, Second Successive Complaint, Second Dying Declaration, Second Fir,
Second Marriage, Second Prosecution, Second Shot, Second Trial, Second Writ Petition, Secondary Evidence, Secret, Secret Trusts, Secretary, Secret Documents,
Secret Information, Section, Section 145, Cr.P.Code, Section 166-A, Cr.P.Code, Section 311, Cr.P.Code, Section 313, Cr.P.Code, Section 319, Cr.P.Code, Section 433-A, Cr.P.Code, Section 113b, Evidence Act, Security, Security of the Accused, Security Proceedings, Sedition, Seduction, Seen Together, Seizure, Seizure Memo, Self-Defence, Self-Inflicted, Semen, Semi-Digested Food, Sensitive Matter, Sentence, Sentiments, Separate Offence, Serologist, Serologist Report, Servant, Service, Service Career, Sessions Court, Sessions Judge, Set-Off, Settlement, Several Dying Declarations, Sex, Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Jealousy, Sexual Offences, Sex Racket, Sexual Relationship, Sexual Satisfaction, Shall, Ship, Shock, Shoe, Shoe Comparison, Shooting, Short Statement, Short Visit, Shotgun, Shout, Show Cause Notice, Shrieks, Sickle, Sign/Signature, Sikh, Silence, Silver, Simple Injury/Hurt, Simultaneous Petition, Simultaneous Trial, Single Act, Single Bench, Single Blow, Single Gun Shot, Single Injury, Single Identification, Single Instance, Single Judge, Single Transaction, Single Witness, Sister, Site Inspection, Site Notes, Site Plan, Sitting, Skill, Skull, Slap, Slogans, Small Cases, Small Pox, Small Quantity, Small Traders, Smegma, Smelling, Smoke, Smothering, Smuggled Goods, Smugglers, Safema, Sniffer Dog, Social Jusice, Social Order, Society, Societies Registration Act 1960, Sodomy, Solemnize, Solicitors, Solid, Solitary Act, Solitary Confinement, Solitary Incident, Solitary Instance, Solitary Witness, Son, Son-In-Law, Soon Before, Sound, Sovereign, Speaking Order, Spear, Special Act, Special Court, Special Court (Trial of Offences Relating to Transaction in Securities) Act, 1992, Special Judge, Special Judicial Magistrates, Special Knowledge, Special Leave, Special Mark, Special Officer, Special Provision, Special Reasons, Special Report, Specially Empowered, Specfflc Act, Specific Averment, Specific Injury, Specific Law, Specific Offence, Specific Part, Specific Plea, Specific Prayer, Specific Provisions, Specimen Handwriting, Spectator, Speculative, Speculative Contract, Speech, Speed, Speedy Trial, Spirit, Splitting of Cases, Spot, Spiritual Head, Spur of Moment, Stake, Stale Ground, Stamp, Standard of Proof, Standing, Stare Decisis, Starlight, State, State Government, State Law, Statement, Statement-Joint, Statement of Accused, Statement of Co-Accused, Statement of Witnesses, Statement Under Section 155, Cr.P.Code, Statement Under Section 157, Evidence Act Statement Under S. 161, Cr.P.Code, Statement Under S. 162, Cr.P.Code, Statement Under S. 164, Cr.P.Code, Statement Under S. 311, Cr.P.Code, Statement Under S. 313, Cr.P.Code, Stationary, Station House Officer (Sho), Status, Status Quo, Statutes, Statutory Rules, Stay, Steal, Step-Mother, Stick, Stigma, Stirring of Milk, Stock, Stock Holders, Stock Register, Stock Witness, Stolen Articles/Property, Stomach, Stone, Stop and Frisk, Stop Payment, Storage, Storm, Stove, Stranger, Strangulation, Strangulation by Dhoti, Strangulation by Rope, Street Light, Stress,
Strictures, Stridhan, Strikes, Struggle, Student, Subjective Satisfaction, Subordinate, Subsequent Appeal, Subsequent Applications, Subsequent First Bail Appelant, Subsequent Conduct, Subsequent Events, Subsequent Prosecution,
Subsequent Trial, Substance, Sub-Standard, Substantive Evidence, Substituted, Service, Substitution, Successor, Successor Government, Sudden Fight/Quarrel/ Provocation, Shot all of Sudden, Sufficient Cause, Sufficient Ground
Sufficient in Ordinary Course of Nature, Suggestion, Suicide, Suit, Summary Dismissal/Rejection, Summary Procedure, Summoning of Accused, Summoning of Documents, Summoning/Recalling Witness, Summoning of Witnesses, Summons, Summons Case, Sunset, Superdari, Superdginama, Superficial, Superimposition,
Superintendence, Supersession, Superstitions, Supplementary Challan, Supplementary List, Supplementary List of Witness, Suppression of Facts, Suppression of Immoral Traffic Supreme Court, Supreme Court Rules, 1996,
Sure, Surety, Surety Bond, Surety-Identification, Surmise, Surrender, Surveillance Register, Suspect, Suspense, Suspension of Conviction, Suspension of Sentence, Suspicion, Sword, Sympathy.
T - Table, Tada Act, Tahsildar, Tainted Evidence, Tailored Investigation, Taking, T.N. Prevention of Dangerous Activities of Bootleggers, Drug Offenders, Goondas, Immoral Traffic Offenders and Slum Grabbers Act (14 of 1982), Tampered With,
Tandava-Dance, Tape-Record, Talooing Marks, Tax, Teasing, Technicalities of Law, Teeth Marks, Telegram, Telegraph Act, Telegraphic Message, Telephonic Calls, Telephonic Conversation, Telephonic Message/Fir, Television, Temple, Temporary Act, Temporary Release, Tendency, Tender, Tender Age Witness, Tendering of Witness, Terrific, Territorial Jurisdiction, Terrorist, Territorial Waters, Terrorism, Testicles, Test Identification Parade, Theft, Thief, Thigh, Third Degree Method, Third Judge, Third Party, Threats, Throat, Throttling, Thumb-Impression, Time, Time-Barred, Time of Death, Time of Fire, Time Gap, Time of Occurrence, Time Spent on Prism Prior to Convention, Title, Torch, Torts, Torture, Tourist, Trachea, Tracker's Evidence, Trade, Trade and Merchandise, Trade and Occupation, Trial, Training School, Train Robbery, Transaction, Transfer, Transferee Court, Transfer of Appeal, Transfer of Case, Transfer of Earlier Statement, Transfer of First Information Report, Transfer of Malice, Transfer of Statement, Translation, Transport, Transportation, Trap, Travelling 'allowance', Treatment, Treaty, Tree, Trespass, Trial, Trial Court, Tral in Careers, Trial Without Sanction Trick, Trivial Incident, Trivial Nature, Trust, Trustee, Truth, Turban, Turmeric, Tutoring, Twice Convicted, Two Accused, Two Cases, Two Courts, Two Incident, Two Offences, Two Reports, Two Versions, Two Views, Typewriting Expert, Typographical Error.
U - Unani, Unconscious, Undergone, Undertaking, Under-Trial, Under-Trial's Insult, Undue Advantage, Unfair Means, Unidentified Assailant Uniform Civil Code, Unknown Person, Unlawful Assembly, Unnatural Conduct of Witness, Unnatural Offence, Unlawful Conduct of Witnesses, Unsound Mind, Untouchable, Unwarranted Observations, U.P. Borstal Act, U.P. Children Act, 1951, U.P. Entertainment and Betting Tax Act. U.P. Rice (Levy) Order, Upset, Urgent, Use, Use of Prohibited Arms, Utterance.
V - Vague, Vakalatnama, Valid, Valuable Security, Valuable Thing, Value, Variance, Variations, Vegetable Ghee, Vehicle, Venue, Verdict of Jury, Verification, Version, Vessel, Vicarious Liability, Victim, Victimology, Video, Video Conferencing, Video Game, Video Projector, Video Recording of Child's Testimony, Villagers, Villagers/Rustic Witnesses, Vindictive, Vindictiveness, Violation, Violence, Visibility, Visitors, Vital Part, Vitiation of Trial, Voice, Void, Void Order, Voluntary, Voluntary Causing Grievious Hurt, Vomiting, Voucher, Vulgar.
W - Wads, Waging War, Waiver, War Dlaries, Ward Off,  Warrant Case, Warrant of Possession, Warrants, Warranty, Watch, Way Laid, Wealth, Weapon,
West Bengal (Criminal Law Amendment Special Courts) Act, 1994, Welfare,
Wheat, White-Collar Crime, Widow, Wife, Wild Life (Protection) Act, Wilful, Wilful Disobedience, Winning, Withdrawal of Appearance, Withdrawal of Case / Prosecution, Withdrawal of Treatment, Withholding of Witness, Within, Witness, Unhurt, Witness-Dead, Womb, Women, Women-Abduction, Women (Accused), Women Witness, Wonover Witness, Wood, Wooden Log, Wooden Plank, Words, Workers, Working Condition Of Weapon, Workmen, Works, Worship, Wound, Wrist, Writ, Writing, Written Statement, Wrong, Wrongful Confinement, Wrongful Gain or Wrongful Loss, Wrongful Restraint, Wrong Section, Wrongs of the Prosecution, Wrongful Withholding.
X - X-Ray, X-Ray Plates.
Y - Young Age of Accused, Year.
Z - Zimine, Zone.

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