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Legal Drafting, Conveyancing, Professional Ethics and Advocacy

Legal Drafting, Conveyancing, Professional Ethics and Advocacy

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  • Author(s): Prof. K. Mony, K. Usha
  • Publisher: Usha Publications
  • Edition: 17 Ed 2021
  • Approx. Pages 358 + contents
  • Format Paperback
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With Law Relating to Advocates, Bar Bench Relations and Accountancy For lawyers
This book covers the syllabus on Legal Drafting, Conveyancing, Law relating to Advocates, Professional Ethics, Advocacy, Bar Bench relations and Accountancy for lawyers prescribed for the Degree Courses in law. The present edition of the book has been thoroughly revised in conformity with the curriculum prescribed by the Bar Council of India. Drafting of pleadings and other legal proceedings setting out the claims, contentions and defences of parties to the case is a very important part of an Advocate's work. The part dealing with Legal Drafting includes drafting of notice, plaint, complaint, written statement, application, affidavit, issues, order, judgment, decree, Execution petition, memorandum of appeal, applications for reference, review and revision. Models of legal proceedings have been drafted in conformity with the rules of practice and procedure followed in courts. In Civil proceedings, the course of an original suit from the moment an aggrieved party decides to sue until he gets satisfaction of the decree, and in criminal proceedings the course of a criminal case from the point of time of the First Information Report or the filing of a private complaint as the case may be, up to the pronouncement of judgment by the Court have been followed.
Part I - Legal Drafting
1.    Suit for Money
2.    Suit for Injunction
3.    Suit for Partition
4.    Suit for dissolution of partnership
5.    Suit for specific performance
6.    Suit for compensation against common Carrier
7.    Suit for Redemption
8.    Suit for Force closure
9.    Suit for restraining private nuisance
10.  Suit for Damages for Breach of Promise to Marry
11.  Suit for Damages for Malicious Prosecution
12.  Suit for Damages for Libel
13.  Suit for Damages for Slander
14.  Suit for Declaration that alienation by the Debtor is void
15.  Suit by an unpaid seller
16  Suit on Guarantee
17.  Interpleader Suit
18.  Suits by organist Government
19.  Probate
20.  Proceeding before family courts
21.  Restitution of Conjugal Rights
22.  Judicial Separation
23.  Declaration of Nullity of a Hindu Marriage
24.  Dissolution of A Hindu Marriage by A decree of divorce
25.  Divorce by Mutual Consent
26.  Maintenance
27.  Maintenance Pendente lite and Expenses of Proceedings
28.  Permanent Alimony and Maintenance
29.  Claim for damages in Motor accidents
30.  Authorities & Tribunals under different laws
31.  Administrative Tribunals
32.  Writs
33.  Civil Appeals, Reference, Review and Revision
34.  Caveat
Part II   - Criminal Proceedings
Part II   - Conveyancing
Part III  - Law relating to Advocates
Part IV  - Professional Ethics
Part V   - Advocacy
Part VI  - Bar Bench Relations
Part VII - Accountancy for Lawyers
Author Details 
Prof. K. Mony,, M.L.
K. Usha, B.A., LL.M.

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