The Income-Tax Act, 1961 - Current Year

The Income-Tax Act, 1961

  • The Income-Tax Act, 1961

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  • Edition: Current Year
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As amended by The Finance Act, 2017 (7 of 2017)
Appendix - Schedule of Income-Tax Rates and Deductions

Chapter 1:        Preliminary
Chapter 2:        Basis of Charge
Chapter 3:        Incomes which do not from Part of total Income
Chapter 4:        Computation of Total Income
                            Heads of Income
                            A. Salaries
                            B. Omitted
                            C. Income from House Property
                            D. Profits and Gains of Business or Profession
                            E. Capital Gains
                            F. Income from Other Source
Chapter 5:         Income Other Persons, Included in Assessee's Total Income
Chapter 6:         Aggregation of Income and Set off or Carry Forward of Loss
                             Aggregation of Income
                             Set off, or carry forward and set off
Chapter 6A:      Deductions to be made in Computing Total Income
                              A. General
                              B. Deductions in Respect of Certain Payments
                              C. Deduction in Respect of Certain Incomes
                              CA. Deductions in Respect of Other Incomes
                              D. Other Deductions
Chapter 6B:       Restriction or Certain Deduction in the Case of Companies
Chapter 7:          Income Forming Part of Total Income on which no Income-tax is Payable
Chapter 8:          Rebates and Relies
                              A. Rebate of Income-tax
                              B. Relief for Income Tax
Chapter 9:          Double Taxation Relief
Chapter 10:        Special Provisions Relating to Avoidance of Tax
Chapter 10A:      General Anti-avoidance Rule
Chapter 11:        Additional Income-tax on Undistributed Profits
Chapter 12:        Determination of Tax in Certain Special Cases
Chapter 12A:      Special Provisions Relating to Certain Incomes of Non-Residents
Chapter 12B:      Special Provisions Relating to Certain Companies
Chapter 12BA:    Special Provisions Relating to Certain Persons Other than a Company
Chapter 12BB:    Special Provisions Relating to Conversion of Indian Branch of a Foreign
                                Bank into a Subsidiary Company
Chapter 12BC:     Special Provisions Relating to Foreign Company said to be Resident in India
Chapter 12C:       Special Provisions Relating to Retail Trade, Etc.
Chapter 12D:       Special Provisions Relating to Tax on Distributed Profits
                                 of domestic Companies
Chapter 12DA:     Special Provisions Relating to Tax on Distributed Income of Domestic
                                  Company for But-back of Shares
Chapter 12E:        Special Provisions Relating to Tax on Distributed Income
Chapter 12EA:      Special Provisions Relating to Tax on Distributed Income by
                                  Securitisation Trusts
Chapter 12EB:      Special Provisions Relating to Tax on Accreted Income of Certain
                                  Trusts and Institutions
Chapter 12F:         Special Provisions Relating to Tax on Income Received from Venture
                                  Capital Companies and Venture Capital Funds
Chapter 12FA:       Special Provisions Relating to Business Trustes
Chapter 12G:         Special Provisions Relating to Income of Shipping Companies
                                 A. Meaning of Certain Expression
                                 B. Computation of Tonnage Income from Business of Operating
                                      Qualifying Ships 
                                 C. Procedure for Option of Tonnage Tax Scheme
                                 D. Conditions for Applicability of Tonnage Tax Scheme
                                 E. Amalgamation and Demerger of Shipping Companies
                                 F. Miscellaneous
Chapter 12H:         Income-tax on Fringe Benefits
                                 A. Meaning of Certain Expressions
                                 B. Basis of Charge
                                 C. Procedure for filing of return on Respect of Fringe Benefits, Assessment
                                       and Payment of Tax in Respect thereof                       
Chapter 13:            Income-tax Authorities
                                  A. Appointment and Control
                                  B. Jurisdiction
                                  C. Powers
                                  D. Disclosure of Information
Chapter 14:            Procedure for Assessment
Chapter 14A:         Special Provisions for Avoiding Repetitive Appeals
Chapter 14B:         Special Procedure for Assessment of Search Cases
Chapter 15:          Liability in Special Cases
                                 A. Legal Representatives 
                                 B. Representative Assessees - General Provisions
                                 C. Representative Assessees - Special Cases
                                 D. Representative Assessees - Miscellaneous Provisions
                                 DD. Firms, Association of Persons and Body of Individuals
                                 E. Executors
                                 F. Succession to Business or Profession
                                 G. Partition
                                 H. Profits of Non-residents form Occasional Shipping Business
                                 I.    Recovery of Tax in Respect of Non-Residents
                                 J. Persons Leaving India
                                 K. Persons Trying to Alienate their Assets
                                 L. Discontinuance of Business, or Dissolution
                                M. Private Companies
                                N. [Omitted]
Chapter 16:         Special Provisions Applicable to firms
                              A. Assessment of Firms
                              B. [Omitted]
                              C. Changes in Constitution, Succession and Dissolution
Chapter 17:         Collection and Recovery of Tax 
                              A. General
                              B. Deduction at Source 
                              BB. Collection at Source
                              C. Advance Payment of Tax
                              D. Collection and Recovery
                              E. Tax Payable under Provisional Assessment
                              F. Interest Chargeable in Certain Cases
                              G. Levy of Fee in Certain Cases
Chapter 18:         Relief Respecting Tax on Dividends in Certain Cases
Chapter 19:         Refunds
Chapter 19A:      Settlement of Cases
Chapter 19B:       Advance Rulings
Chapter 20:         Appeals and Revision
                               A. Appeals to the Deputy Commissioner (Appeals) and
                                    Commissioner (Appeals)
                               B. Appeals to the Appellate Tribunal
                               C. [Omitted]
                               CC. Appeals to High Court
                               D. Appeals to the Supreme Court
                               E. Revision by the Commissioner
                               F. Genera
Chapter 20A:       Acquisition of Immovable Properties in Certain Cases of Transfer to
                                 Counteract Evasion of Tax
Chapter 20B:       Requirement as to Mode of Acceptance Payment or Repayment in Certain
                                 Cases to Counteract Evasion of Tax
Chapter 20C:       Purchase Central Government of Immovable Properties in Certain
                                 Cases of Transfer
Chapter 21:         Penalties Imposable
Chapter 22:         Offences and Prosecutions
Chapter 22A:       Annuity Deposits
Chapter 22B:       Tax Credit Certificate
Chapter 23:         Miscellaneous
Schedule I to XIV
Appendix - Schedule of Income-Tax Rates and Deductions

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