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Commentaries on The Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 (4 Volumes Set)

Commentaries on The Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 (4 Volumes Set)

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  • Author(s): Sir John Woodroffe, Amir Ali
  • Publisher: Delhi Law House
  • Edition: 8 Ed Rp 2022
  • ISBN 13 9789388918145
  • Approx. Pages 4120 + Contents
  • Format Hardbound
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It's a matter of immense pleasure to present revised edition of this authoritative works on the Code of Civil Procedure. The book contains a Section-wise discussion of the topic of law undertaken and with all interconnected topics covered by various Sections as well as by the Orders have been discussed at one spot just to relax our esteemed readers from the burden of gathering points of law on the same topic as spread into various Sections and Orders of the statute. All changes brought about by the Commercial Courts Act, 2015 as amended in year 2018, have also been nicely reflected at the relevant places in this Edition. In order to accelerate economic growth and to improve the international image of our justice delivery system, an Ordinance was promulgated on 23rd October, 2015, to provide for setting up Commercial Courts and to make the necessary amendments to the CPC in its application to such Courts with the ultimate object of reducing delay in disposal of suits involving commercial disputes. In year 2018, several important changes have been done in the Commercial Court Act, 2015, since such changes became necessary as the global economic environment had increased competitiveness. The Act has also made several amendments to various provisions of the CPC in so far as these provisions apply to any suit in respect of a commercial dispute of the specified value. The provision of the Commercial Courts Act have to be interpreted in aliteral manner. The words "Civil proceedings" as used in Article 133 of the Constitution of India cover all proceedings which directly affect civil rights. There is no ground for restricting the expression "Civil proceedings" only to those proceedings which arise out of civil suits or proceedings which are tried as civil suits nor is there any rational basis for excluding from its purview proceedings instituted
and tried in the High Court in exercise of its jurisdiction under Article 226, Constitution of India, where the party aggrieved seeks relief against infringement of civil rights by authorities purporting to act in exercise of the powers conferred upon them by revenue statutes.
Part I              :    Suits in General
Part II             :    Execution
Part III            :    Incidental Proceedings
Part IV            :    Suit in Particular Cases
Part V             :    Special Proceedings
Part VI            :    Supplemental Proceedings
Part VII           :    Appeals
Part VIII          :    Reference Review and Revision
Part X             :     Rules
Part XI            :     Miscellaneous
Order I           :    Parties to Suits
Order II          :    Frame of Suit
Order III         :    Recognised Agencies and Pleaders
Order V          :    Issue and Service of Summons Issue of Summons
Order VI         :    Pleadings Generally 
Order VII        :    Plaint
Order VIII       :    Written Statement, Set-off and Counter-Claim
Order VIII-A   :    Third Party Procedure
Order IX         :    Appearance of Parties and Consequence of Non-appearance
Order X          :    Examinations of Parties by the Court
Order XI         :    Disclosure, Discovery and Inspection of Documents in Suits Before the
                              Commercial Division of High Court or a Commercial Court 
Order XII         :   Admissions
Order XIII        :   Production, Impounding and Return of Documents
Order XIII-A    :   Summary Judgment
Order XIV        :   Settlement of Issues and Determination of Suit on Issues of Law or on
                                 Issues Agreed Upon
Order XV         :   Disposal of the Suit at the First Hearing 
Order XV-A     :   Case Management Hearing
Order XIV        :   Summoning and Attendance of Witnesses
Order XVI-A    :   Attendance of Witnesses Confined or Detained in Prisons
Order XVII       :   Adjournments
Order XVIII      :   Hearing of the Suit and Examination of Witnesses
Order XIX        :    Affidavits
Order XX         :    Judgment and Decree
Order XX-A      :   Costs
Order XXI         :   Execution of Decrees and Orders
Order XXII        :    Death, Marriage and Insolvency of Parties
Order XXIII       :    Withdrawal and Adjustment of Suits
Order XXIV       :    Payment into Court
Order XXV        :    Security for Costs
Order XXVI       :    Commissions
Order XXVII      :    Suits by or against the Government or Public Officers in Their Official Capacity
Order XXVII-A  :    Suits Involving a Substantial Question of Law as to Interpretation of
                                  [The Constitution] [or as to the Validity of any Statutory Instrument]
Order XXVIII     :    Suits by or against Military or Naval Men [or Air-Men]
Order XXIX       :    Suits by or against Corporations
Order XXX        :    Suits by or against Firms and Persons Carrying on Business in Names
                                 other than their own
Order XXXI       :    Suits by or against Trustees, Executors and Administrators
Order XXXII      :    Suits by or against Minors and Persons of Unsound Mind
Order XXXII-A  :    Suits Relating to Matters Concerning the Family
Order XXXIII     :    Suits by Indigent Persons
Order XXXIV     :    Suits Relating to Mortgages of Immovable Property
Order XXXV      :    Interpleader
Order XXXVI     :    Special Case
Order XXXVII    :    Summary Procedure
Order XXXVIII   :    Arrest and Attachment Before Judgment
Order XXXIX     :    Temporary Injunctions and Interlocutory Orders
Order XL           :    Appointment of Receivers
Order XLI          :    Appeals from Original Decrees
Order XLII         :    Appeals from Appellate Decrees
Order XLIII        :    Appeals from Orders
Order XLIV        :    [Appeals by Indigent Persons]
Order XLV         :    Appeals to the Supreme Court
Order XLVI        :    Reference
Order XLVII       :    Review
Order XLVIII      :    Miscellaneous
Order XLIX        :    Chartered High Courts
Order L              :    Provincial small Cause Courts
Order LI             :    Presidency Small Cause Courts
Appendix A to  H

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Sir John Woodroffe
Ameer Ali

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